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(Salon) Strange analysis, bordering on racist, on food fads based on income and professions. Haute cuisine requires a requisite exotic meat(s) which food from the Desh lacks... the vegetarian influences are overlooked as a reason for keeping it cheap.
(WaPo) Major Calif. gay marriage case today evokes miscegenation-legalizing 'Loving v. Virginia': 'freedom to marry... one of the most vital personal rights.'
(Politico) On 'Dunkin' Donuts' Biden: 'How many times is Biden gonna say something stupid?' demanded Obama after yet another gaffe... Steele stood in for Obama at debate prep, McCain feared it would look racist.
(New Yorker) Coll praises Singh for not retaliating for 11/26 and implies that's why he won the election [both of which I disagree with].
(WaPo) The Fox News commentator launches his new Web site, the Daily Caller, on Monday. His partner is Neil Patel, a former Dick Cheney aide.
(Twitter) Hari K: I wonder if anyone will recognize me from 'All About Steve,' slap me and ask for their money back. (via @SamanthaKE)
(Gigaom) After Google betrayed Motorola with Nexus, CEO Sanjay Jha was late to the launch, was clearly unhappy to be there and left early. People with Gulfstreams don't just turn up late.
(SNL vid) Yemen has a new biz model: host more Al Qaeda, get U.S. money.
(Vid) 'How much the Japanese love the legendary Rajnikanth. Read the comments from India (in English)'� (ebert twitter) [via]
(Vid) 'Indian superstar Rajnikanth satirized on Japanese TV. They even learned Tamil. Small world'� (ebert twitter) [via]
(WaPo) Reid apologizes for calling Obama 'light-skinned... with no Negro dialect.'
(Vid) Lindsay Lohan talking to Indian villagers about sex trafficking: incongruous. (via @kumailn)
(WaPo) The Jordanian doctor came directly from Pakistan and sped through CIA checkpoints. A brief flash, and 8 were dead. (via @AnandWrites)
(Imgur) Aziz got stroppy with a tweeter who called him a douchebag on Conan, tracked her down on Facebook to complain. Her tweet: [via]
(Millions) 'Life of Pi' author Yann Martel's 'Beatrice and Virgil' is an 'Animal Farm'-like take on the Holocaust, due in '10. Shteyngart releasing a fiscal collapse novel.
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