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The Two A.S.’s

(Anand G) Anand Giridharadas reassesses Adam Smith in light of Amartya Sen. ‘While some men are born small and some achieve smallness, it is clear enough that Smith has had much smallness thrust upon him,’� [says] Amartya Sen, who is one of A.G.’s Hvd teachers.

Please forgive me

(Gettyimages Pic) Amartya Sen begging wife Emma Georgina Rothschild for mercy at state dinner.

Amartya Sen on ‘Capitalism and Confusion’

(Vid) The septuagenarian Nobelist speaks on the philosophical and metaphysical misunderstandings (and confusions) that led to the financial crisis. At Cornell (where he was once on the faculty himself). Q&A: As are inaudible, but Qs are v interesting.

Sen’s monster exegesis

(ToL) The essential Amartya Sen: the 3rd-century debate between Asoka and Kautilya, a downbeat institutionalist, is more enlightening than a tired contrast between Hobbes and Hume. (via @soniafaleiro)
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Half of Sen’s missing women weren’t

(Slate ‘05) 50M of Amartya Sen’s 100M ‘missing women’ in Asia may have been the result of disease: women infected with hepatitis B had far more boys. (ht: Rahul)