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The Two A.S.’s

(Anand G) Anand Giridharadas reassesses Adam Smith in light of Amartya Sen. ‘While some men are born small and some achieve smallness, it is clear enough that Smith has had much smallness thrust upon him,’� [says] Amartya Sen, who is one of A.G.’s Hvd teachers.

Globalization’s New Pilgrims

(Express) They come in several types: Anointers, Replicators, Apprentices, Docks, Switchboards and Fusionistas. Increasingly, they are everywhere, connecting, bridging, even in out-of-the-way tropical towns like this one. Anand-G writes from Cartagena, Colombia
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His revolutions

(NYT) Before I loved India, I loathed it. India was sideways hugs to avoid breasts. My mother wonders if they should have waited for the Indian revolution instead of crashing America’s.
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Anand G.’s tone poem

(NYT) As Iran trampled on Indian values, Singh said nothing meaningful. When the world sees India as a great power, why does India see itself as Burundi? Why is more culture flowing into India today than flowing out?
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India’s own Gordon Gekkos

(NYT) Bombayites sell tomatoes and shoot films and ferry pipes with fundamentalist fervor. If you want to buy, buy. If not, bye-bye. [More musings from Anand G.]

Jazz republic

(NYT) Indian flight attendants took it personally if you didn’t eat. You could sometimes cajole a pizza joint into reopening just for you. But in modern India, people robotically follow rules.

Governance via text message

(NYT) In India, the mobile lets people be individuals. Big people have custom numbers and Bolly ringtones... You can now check right-to-information request status and candidate profiles via text message.

Anand-G Speaks

(Cpac) At Int’l Development Research Center, Ottawa. Diaspora, elite Indians, national politics, supply chains, foreign policy, climate change, uniqueness of India’s current moment, the innovation opportunity; many other thoughts cogently woven together.

Flirting in the pind

(IHT) Facebook Casanovas are adopting the village ways, in which “bio-data" are shared first and kisses later. An ambient presence can slowly be registered. Then, as in Ludhiana, one can close in when risk has abated.

The ‘Slumdog’ effect: Afflict the comfortable

(IHT) AG continues the fun: “The boom era now fading left two longings among India’s globalized rich. ... The second is a desire to show the world the most sanitized representation of India, ... India as pristine as the elite’s own posh homes."