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Kumar, Shankar plead guilty in Galleon case

(BusWeek) ‘Anil, you’re a hero’: Galleon earned $19M on insider tips from McKinsey exec. Kumar cried in court and apologized to colleagues. Gautham Shankar, Schottenfeld Group trader, also pled guilty.

Kumar facing 25 years in Galleon scandal

(Reuters) Ex-McKinsey exec: Rajaratnam paid him a net $2.6M for tips. Deposited in Swiss account and reinvested in Galleon under name of domestic help.

Galleon figure left McKinsey

(Google) Anil Kumar, accused Rajaratnam tipster, has left or been pushed out of McKinsey.
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CSI: Bangkok

(CSM) Like ‘Anil’s Ghost’ on Sri Lanka, Thai forensic pathologist tracks down murders committed by police and militants.
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WSJ profiles Anil Kumar

(WSJ) Accused in the Galleon case, IIT alum Anil Kumar outsourced McKinsey analytics to Gurgaon and helped Rajat Gupta launch the ISB. ‘He was a very bright kid, though some felt he was reserved and a bit arrogant.’

Kumar asked to step down from ISB board

(BusStd) Insider trading accused Anil Kumar asked to resign from Indian School of Business board, released on $5M bail.

If there’s grass on the pitch...

(Insidesocal May pic) Anil Kapoor threw the first pitch in a Dodgers game.
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Ambani-Spielberg deal closes

(WaPo) Anil Ambani has picked up a 50% stake in Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks SKG for $325 million.

Circuit breaks for Michael

(AFP) Arshad ‘Circuit’ Warsi insists on cutting scene lampooning Michael Jackson from film produced by Anil Kapore.

Court settles Ambani dispute

(WSJ) An Indian court ruled the elder Ambani brother has to honor a contract with the younger, which saves Anil money. The bros rarely speak and compete in father veneration, but live together in the same 18-story apartment complex.

2 janitors held in Ambani sabotage

(NYT) Rakesh Maria: Ambani helicopter sabotage part of an employee-management dispute dating back to ’95, ‘probably the fifth such incident at the Airworks company.’

Cops: mechanic could finger saboteurs

(ToI) Bombay cops: ‘We are sure that Borge knew who had put gravel in the fuel tank of Anil Ambani’s chopper.’

Murder alleged in Ambani chopper case

(WaPo) Helicopter mechanic Bharat Borge’s family believes he was pushed in front of a Bombay train after discovering an attempt to sabotage billionaire Anil Ambani’s helicopter. The craft would’ve taken off but lost power.

Plot thickens in Ambani sabotage

(WSJ) Rakesh Maria: Helicopter mechanic Bharat Borge, who discovered Ambani chopper sabotage, jumped in front of a train. Anil Ambani commutes via chopper, and their 18-story home added a helipad.

Chopper tipper found dead

(IBN) A technician who allegedly discovered an attempt to sabotage Anil Ambani’s helicopter was found dead on the Western Line tracks between Andheri and Vile Parle.
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Loitering stranger — Anil Kapoor in drag

(Times) Anil Kapoor accused of loitering in a burqa near Chandni Chowk.
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Anil Kapoor joins Fox’s ’24’

(Hollywoodreporter) In his first American TV gig, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ co-star Anil Kapoor has joined Fox’s drama ’24’ as a regular, playing a Middle Eastern Leader. He’s signed with ICA.
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Anil Kapoor plugs the SM DVD on ‘The Soup’

(Comcast) Anil Kapoor grills Joel Mchale on Satyajit Ray and such, while he infuses the show with his usual dose of awkwardness.

‘24’: Anil Kapoor of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ to star in season 8

(EW) Anil Kapoor will play a Middle Eastern leader on a peacekeeping mission on ’24.’
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Dal mein kuch kala (something odd going on)

(Marthastewart) Anil Kapoor’s moustache went on the Martha Stewart show and shared its recipe for black dal. (ht: Beth)

‘India took a huge whack’ on world’s richest list

(Reuters) Anil Ambani lost $32B in paper wealth, falling from 6th richest to 34th. ‘India took a huge whack,’ taking 2 of top 10, down from 4, and losing half its dollar billionaires.
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Excitable Kapoor

(Gettyimages) Anil Kapoor executes a perfect anarchist fist at the Oscars.
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Party in Kapoor’s pants

(P Pcc Comment) That’s another thing I’ve grown to love about Anil Kapoor — thighs of steel, hair or no hair, moobs — it’s a party under his clothes and WHO KNOWS WHAT’S INVITED!
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Oscar nominee

(Photobucket) Anil Kapoor tries on his Oscar-night garb. [via]
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Slumdog villain

(Tabloid) Anil Kapoor — aka Indian Regis — was on a mission to flex his wallet last night, rollin’ up to the most expensive Chinese restaurant in town, in the most expensive car in town — a Rolls Royce Phantom.

The salaams of the day

(Vid) The full SAG ‘Slumdog’ acceptance speeches. Freida Pinto thanks the child actors and Loveleen Tandan. Anil Kapoor touches Hannibal Lecter’s feet. At 0:37. (ht: Meg)

The Kapoor SAGa

(Vid) Anil Kapoor breathes heavily onstage at SAG, looks like he’s about to cry. At 0:43.

Kapoor goes nuts again

(LAT) At SAG Awards, standing ovation, and each ‘Slumdog’ kid gets a trophy. Patel was happy to meet his first film crush, Kate Winslet. ‘We won, we won, we won,’ Anil Kapoor shouted into his cellphone at international-call level.

‘Slumdog’ hardly an indie

(Slate) Danny Boyle has had many U.S. hits, and ‘Slumdog’ has Irrfan Khan and Anil Kapoor. If people want to laud the movie, fine, but let’s not pretend it was constructed from duct tape and spit by the Little Match Girl.

Marketing ‘Slumdog’ in India

(AP) The Indian ‘Slumdog Crorepathi’ poster prominently features Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan.

Rooster gets no lowe

(Brimful) I once offered up Anil Kapoor as an example of why so many Indian women do not end up with Indian men. ‘According to these movies, if you look like Madhuri Dixit, you’re lucky if you end up with Anil Kapoor.’

India’s answer to Einstein

(Rediff) Anil Kapoor: ‘I am negotiating to make a Hindi version of Slumdog. The film then can reach millions across India.’ [The film is already largely in Hindi.] (ht: AP)

Frogmarched out the kitchen

(NYT) Manil Suri made French food in his Bombay family’s flat, where they rejected it for blandness.
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‘Slumdog’ plausible for best picture

(Tribune) After last year’s black-hearted ‘No Country,’ the Oscars may well be in the mood to embrace a fairy tale like ‘Slumdog’... Anil Kapoor plays a perfectly unctuous weasel.

Suri at New Yorker fest

(New Yorker) Manil Suri believed that it was only after he was accepted as a ‘prodigal son’ that he began to look forward to returning to Bombay.

‘Piya tu’

(Vid) Video of Manil Suri dancing to Helen in choli, skirt and black bra. (ht: Aseem)
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Shopping list: milk, bread, Newcastle

(ToL) Anil Ambani’s Reliance may buy Newcastle soccer club for GBP 220 million. (ht: Sapna)
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Nobody is that stupid?

(NYT) ‘Why the Indians? It is all about terms. These people are willing to pay a lot of money for little more than the right to go sit at a premiere with Steven Spielberg.’

The end of a $600M scam

(Portfolio) Anil Anand sentenced to time already served (7 months in jail), $1.2B fine, 20% of income for 5 years for part in metal commodity Ponzi scheme. [via]

Ambanis squabbling over S. African merger

(BBC) Mukesh Ambani claims right of first refusal to invest in his brother’s Reliance Comm. before it merges with S. Africa’s MTN. Anil Ambani denies it.

Smells like Vivendi

(CBC) Reliance signs $1B deal with production houses of movie stars to develop and produce movies. It takes a very special imbecility to deliver so little for so much.

‘Age of Shiva’ petty, obvious

(Middlestage) ‘Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya’, Suri translates as ‘When The Heart Only Has Broken’. Only? Suri’s ham-handed craft is awash with petty superfluities and spoonfeeds the reader. It is content to clutch at the teats of myth and history, never attaining maturity.

Brief ‘Age of Shiva’

(New Yorker) Manil Suri’s novel sparks with the frictions of being female in an India where soaps and political slogans compete noisily with Hindu myth. A wife may find herself eating the scraps off her husband’s plate and spitting on him the next day.

‘Age of Shiva’ — the NYT review

(NYT) The intersections of Meera’s life with larger events are sometimes clumsy, and she tends to spell out feelings. But Suri’s refusal to give in to the didactic or predictable makes him a writer worth serious attention.

‘Shiva’ too geeky

(WaPo) ‘The Age of Shiva’ simply isn’t a page-turner. Suri will linger far too long over a scene, describing with dogged, anthropological exactitude a Hindu wedding ceremony or religious ritual. I had to read it with dutiful resolve. (thanks, A)

Suri’s Hindu trilogy

(Mediabistro) Manil Suri’s parents were married in July ’47, the month of Partition. ‘They fled for their lives after the ceremony’ — they didn’t even open wedding presents. His final book in the trilogy: ‘The Birth of Brahma.’
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Suri strikes blow against exotica

(Star Telegram) Manil Suri minimizes exoticism. Many scenes in ‘Shiva’ have a Western feel. Frenzied fans at a Bollywood concert echo Beatlemania. Rich girls in a Bombay college hold court over their less confident classmates like a scene from ‘Mean Girls.’