Thursday, January 15

‘Jai Ho’ (updated)

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto reprise their Slumdog Millionaire dance on Ellen, doing the one major dance move in Golmaal. It really ought to be retired once Ajay Devgan and Arshad Warsi do it:

The movie version uses the official British font for all things desi, lending the end credits a cool pulp novel effect:

‘Jai Ho’ was the theme song every time a Slumdog person trotted up to receive a Golden Globe. So apropos.

Update: Lest we forget, the more famous shimmying-with-thespian-host was the drive-by hip shake by Barry O.:

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  1. 1Lateefx

    This is so funny - thanks for posting it.

  2. 2onparkstreet

    I am getting bad macarena flashbacks.


    I know the haters will be out in force because of the GG wins, but I don’t care. I am choosing to enjoy this movie and all the fun stuff around it, because, why not? Why not have fun once in a while?

  3. 3Radman

    ellen is the best.

  4. 4meenakshi

    That ganja was the best dancer in the studio. Hand on his dil-vil and showing ishq-vishq.