Tuesday, April 10

My favorite NYC food

Here’s an interactive map of my favorite food and libation joints in NYC, including a handful of cheap and midrange Indian restaurants with photos. I find the high end fusion places like Tabla and Tamarind unbearably bland.



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  1. 1Nina P

    You got something against Dosa Hut?

  2. 2manish

    I like Madras Mahal better.

  3. 3nayantara

    i walk past bayleaf everyday on my way to work and have been contemplating going in so thanks for the suggestion!
    i’m going to check it out today!

  4. 4musical

    I refuse to think of Tabla etc as Indian restaurants!

    Been to most places on Lex, but just thought Curry in a Hurry would be just that…..didn’t know they had good samosas.

    IBC and Kati Roll get my vote though, besides the dosa places on Lex :)

    Thanks for the NYC nostalgia…..

  5. 5TheBarmaid

    I haterade fusion restaurants.

  6. 6TheDjangia

    nitpick alert.

    Casa Jangiah is a fusion eatery. So would be Chez Barmaid I gauge. It’s a state of the mind, no?

    Ever tried Paneer Polenta Pasanda or spicy whole okra on a bed of crushed blue potatoes? ;-)

  7. 7Dev

    Go to “Natural Tofu” in Sunnyside….try the Kimchi Soon dubu…extra spicy…it’s heaven