Sunday, June 18

St. David’s Cross

Properly speaking, David Beckham’s cross is his precise chip shot which feeds a 6′7″-tall English striker with the so-appropriate surname ‘Crouch.’ Here the 31-year-old shows off the ‘V-hic!-toria’ Totty Spice tattoo on his inner left forearm.

“The name Victoria is well known in India because of Queen Victoria. It is in a Hindi dictionary… Whoever did the tattoo was probably English and didn’t know Hindi…” [Link]

The four-by-six-inch winged cross across the back of his neck is David Beckham’s ninth piece of body artwork… The Sun’s fashion editor, Erica Davies, said: “You’ve gone from fab to yob…”

The footballer’s other tattoos include the names of his two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo… and the number seven - his number at Manchester United - in Roman numerals. He also has a guardian angel across his back and a Michelangelo angel on his right arm, reportedly to symbolise a “protective cradle” for his family. [Link]

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