Tuesday, November 6

The Pakistan coup calculator

How many tanks have you bought the dictator of Pakistan out of your federal taxes?

Here’s our Pakistan coup calculator. Have fun with it!

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  1. 1khoofia

    Ha! Ha! my city bought a 183 tanks to your 39 to help the General. But I think the nexus is showing. Those 183 tanks paid a lot of salaries and lined a lot of suits in this blessed continent of ours*. It’s in everyone’s interest to nurture despots. That Waar Paar video was so apt.

    *Oh! I’m not letting Canada off the hook. We’re number 3 in the world now in arms exports.

  2. 2khoofia

    p.s. brilliant design. khoofia khush hua!

  3. 3brown_dbd

    love it.

  4. 4literary safari

    this is brilliant.

  5. 5Dari

    manish, this is awesome. i even tried entering my Punjabi pind…

  6. 6umesh

    Cool stuff - I just dugg it: