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(Vid) Funny scene from ’1-888-DIAL-INDIA,’ playing in Bombay.

DIAL-INDIA debut pics

(Mastione Pics) ’1-888-DIAL-INDIA’ premiere in Bandra. Pal’s plays get the paparazzi treatment now that he’s cast a Bollyactress.

Profiting off the recession

(DNA) ‘1-888-DIAL-India’: Kunaal Roy Kapur sets up a helpline for Americans depressed by the recession. With Sophie Chaudhary.

‘1-888-DIAL-INDIA’ premieres

(Indipepal) Anuvab: I’ve always wanted to write a play with Kunaal Roy Kapur. This is not because he is talented (he is not). It is because he cut so many of my lines in President.

Pal’s play tweets

(Twitter) Photos, behind the scenes from rehearsals for Anuvab Pal’s new play 1-888-DIAL-INDIA. Opening in Bombay, NYC soon. With Sophie Chaudhry, Ashwin Mushran.