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The Vanished Moment

(Express) 26/11 was not India’s 9/11. Everyone pretending it was should please stop. Why push to replicate — artificially, inaccurately, and in bad taste — the trappings of America’s grief? Why the human chains, painted walls, exhortations to “never forget"?

The Measure of Our Strength

(Express) The standard narrative of citizens transitioning from anger to indifference post 26/11 is simply wrong.. what shone through was the sense of self-possession...not because we are weak, but because there was a clear-eyed sense of the limits of force.

A Year After Mumbai

(Hindu) Observers predicted that 26/11 would be a turning point in the struggle against terrorism. A year on, this is far from clear. Neither India nor its partners put up the intellectual fight against arguments that turned victim into part-culprit.

Bodies of 26/11 terrorist guarded round the clock

(BBC) Bodies of the dead terrorists are lying in a hospital morgue with security (that could possibly be used elsewhere to prevent such attacks again), as people in power do not want to hurt religious “sensitivities"
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The Limits of Coercive Diplomacy

(Hindu) Do Delhi foreign policy mandarins think India profits strategically by refusing to engage Pakistan? Do they assume that India can indefinitely retain the moral high ground it thought it had on 26/11? Happymon Jacob thinks not; makes good points.
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India begins recognizing camp

(Iggy) Anuvab: Bollywood is both deferential and accusatory with ‘Slumdog’... Camp ’80s legend B. Subhash (musical ‘Tarzan’) can’t get a film funded now. He wants to make a musical about 26/11.

Singh Must ‘Flexibly Engage’ Pakistan

(Hindu) Post-26/11, India suspended Composite Dialogue. Singh must now be bold. Flexible Engagement: talks on 1) Non-Kashmir issues; 2) Kashmir, if Pakistan owns agreements reached with Mushy; 3) Water; 4) Afghanistan. But speed is key. (S. Varadarajan)

26/11 Prompts Indian Elite to Join Politics

(NYT) Sunil Vaswani, 50, was suspicious of why Mumbai’s polling day, April 30, had been scheduled before a long weekend. Ms. Sanyal suggested that they go to the polls as soon as they opened on the morning of April 30, and then drive out for their weekend.