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Another 7-Eleven / ‘Simpsons’ promo

(AP) 7-Eleven will carry ‘Playboy’ with blue-haired Marge Simpson on the cover. [Last one was having store clerks dress up like Apu.]
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(Denverchannel) 7-Eleven owners are on the looking for a man robbing stories with a prop Klingon sword. He is without honor — no warrior masks his face while pillaging.
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Another Indian shot dead by robbers

(ToI) ‘My father stood up and raised his hands, but the robbers, irritated at finding very little cash in the safe, shot him dead,’ said the deceased’s son Sarbjit Singh.

Teens shoplift 7-Eleven on MLK Day

(LAT) After the MLK parade, black inner-city LA teens swarmed and shoplifted a 7-Eleven store. Owner Sundeep Bhatia: ‘For these kids to come from the parade and do this kind of stuff, on such a sacred day as this...’ [via]
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Are we in for another Simpsons promo?

(WSJ) At the 11 Kwik-E-Mart 7-Elevens, sales doubled, customers were up 50%, $7M in free publicity, 25x boost in site traffic. [But they fired their marketing guy right after the promo.] (thanks, Great Bong)
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7-Eleven’s ‘Simpsons’ promo chief resigns

(Google) An internal 7-Eleven email said the Simpsons promo will not be repeated, and the chief marketing officer resigned after 6 months on the job. Not clear if it’s because of the Apu outcry, bad execution or difference in strategy.
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7-Eleven clerk tried to cheat lottery winner

(Nbc11) A female 7-Eleven clerk Roseville, California allegedly told a customer his winning lottery ticket worth $555K was only worth $4. Rajinder Kaur, 40, reportedly planned to pocket the winnings.
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Thai gov’t wants to regulate nicknames

(IHT) Thai children are being given offbeat English nicknames like Seven — as in 7-Eleven.
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‘Simpsons’ issue in ‘Convenience Store / Petroleum Daily’

(Cspnet) The Apu gimmick has not gone down well with some Indians who feel this exploits racial stereotypes of the community. But 7-Eleven says it has no intention of ending the promotion early.
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7-Eleven promo is cheesy

(Onion) I can’t ignore the Groening empire’s unseemly mercenary side. It’s amazing how Simpsons fans will praise the kinds of cheesy promotional cash-ins, like the 7-Elevens, they would mock if they were for ‘Shrek.’
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Groening talks about 7-Eleven promo

(Video) Matt Groening at end of ‘Daily Show’ clip: Likes the Kwik-E-Mart promo because it’s the first time he’s seen happy people at a 7-Eleven. No Apu mention.
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Brit blogger backs Apu

(Guardian) A similar scheme in Britain would be met with vehement opposition, as the “Paki shop" epithet is still running in parts of the UK. I sympathise with 7-Eleven workers being forced to parade like dancing bears, but Apu is America’s favorite Indian.
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Angry Asian Man on ‘Simpsons’ controversy

(Angryasianman) Now desi 7-Eleven owners have to adopt marketing that makes them become Apu. It pretty much ensures that South Asian convenience store employees are going to be taunted with “Thank you, come again!" for years to come.
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Hollywood B-movie shot in India

(Dvdtown) ‘The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb’ is by the director of ‘Highlander.’ The “Egyptians" wear saris and look unmistakably Indian. Sinclair has a toady who looks more like a surgeon or a 7-Eleven-walla.
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