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Major terrorists’ passports found in tribal belt

(Guardian) Pakistani troops show off passports of 7/7 and 9/11 plotters they claim were found in Waziristan.
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Indictment lists backpack bomb supplies

(TPM·L) Accused Queens terrorist allegedly bought chemicals — including ghee — for making same backpack bombs as 7/7 bombers.

From ‘Verses’ to the tube attack

(ToL) Kureishi’s stage adaptation is a bullet-point breakdown and doesn’t do foreplay. Shahid is offered Ecstasy by a punk who calls him Paki. The end links ‘Satanic Verses’ to 7/7.

7/7 memorial unveiled

(HuffPo·L Pics) 7/7 tube bombing memorial unveiled in Hyde Park, London. Victims’ embossed names include Shahara Islam, Neetu Jain.
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3 accused of 7/7 involvement found innocent

(NYT) 3 Muslim Brits were acquitted for conspiring in 7/7 tube bombing. 2 convicted of attending terrorist training camp.
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7/7 perps turned sheep into Pakistan ticket?

(WaPo) Terrorists are now self-financing via drug dealing and credit card fraud. The 7/7 cell in London needed only $15K, including airfare to Pakistan to consult with AQ bosses. Sheep sold to a halal abbatoir may have helped fund the attacks.
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Saudis threatened ‘another 7/7’ in bribery case

(Newsweek) Report confirms Saudis shut down investigation of bribes by Brit defense contractor to Saudi ambassador. They threatened to allow ‘another 7/7.’ ‘Terrorism is being used to blackmail the West,’ like Pakistan and Kashmir.
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Terrorist triage

(Newsweek) Terrorism expert Michael Sheehan says we underestimated Al Qaeda before 9/11 and have overhyped them since. Cells have been crushed. The key is to prevent freelancers like the 7/7 bombers from getting training in Pakistan. [via]
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