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Pull your ear

(SM) Authors Sugi Ganeshananthan, Tahmima Anam, Sunny Singh, Selina Sen at Torino book fair. Interview video: [via]

Another ‘Golden’ opinion

(Middlestage) Chandrahas thought highly of ‘A Golden Age.’

Sinha, Anam win regional Commonwealth prizes

(Guardian) ‘Animal’s People’ by Indra Sinha won the Commonwealth Prize for Europe and Asia. Best First Book in the regions went to ‘A Golden Age’ by Tahmima Anam.

‘A Golden Age’ moves

(Fourluckyfeet) Tahmima Anam is the daughter of a major Bangla paper editor and granddaughter of a writer. While her book isn’t exactly Literature, it’s a damn good read. Rehana’s convictions are not based on rhetoric, they’re based on her children.

A ‘Golden’ redemption

(BoGlobe) ‘A Golden Age’: Rehana is conscious of the need to prove her loyalty to her neighbors. But her greatest burden is personal; she never forgave herself for relinquishing custody of her children and sees herself as morally compromised.

A ‘Golden’ debut

(New Yorker) In ‘A Golden Age,’ Rehana’s children join in student marches; as rhetoric becomes revolution, her son joins a guerrilla group and her daughter decamps to Calcutta to write tracts exposing the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army.