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The bangles

(WSJ) Ramnagara by B’lore had screen time in ‘Sholay’ and ‘A Passage to India.’ It sells wooden bangles to the U.S. and silk cocoons, which are plunged into boiling water to kill the silkworms. Photos: [via]

Tharoor praises ‘Slumdog’

(HuffPo·L) In ‘Slumdog,’ ‘Ram Mohammed Thomas’ — Swarup’s Amar-Akbar-Anthony — becomes ‘Jamal Malik’... ‘A Passage to India’ had Alec Guinness in brownface and dhoti, warbling away as Prof. Godbole.

These are not the methods you’re looking for

(New Yorker) Alec Guinness performed ‘the worst caricature of a Jew ever in an English film’ as Fagin in ‘Oliver Twist.’ 40 years later, he played Professor Godbole in ‘A Passage to India’ in brownface.