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Brawndo: it’s got electrolytes

(News) Don’t piss off brawny kabbadi players: 2 hospitalized in Melbourne after racist incident. [via]
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Frugal Indians return to dabbas

(WaPo) Dabbawallas are back in style due to the recession. Bombay railways are so crowded that the dabbawalas have their own train cars. At 12:15, they take a tiny, five-minute chai break.
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Dabba paradise

(WaPo Video) Bombayites extol the virtues of dabbawallas.
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Dabbawalla databases

(Eye) Dabbawallas’ symbols are not standardised; each group of 30-35 uses their own religious motifs, landmarks, Marathi script, colours, initials of railway stations, or combination of two or three different systems.
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‘Slumdog’ Jerusalem

(Haaretz) Freida Pinto’s next film ‘Miral’ focuses on the interwoven lives of a Israeli and Palestinian women. Stars female lead Hiam Abbass (‘Lemon Tree’), a Palestinian actress who lives in France. (ht: Ron)

British army takes up kabbadi

(Telegraph) The Briitsh army has taken up kabaddi in an attempt to find a sport at which they can beat the Indians [not cricket :)] (ht: Sapna)
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(Amitpaul) Amit Sebastian Paul was a member of the A*Teens, a tribute group which landed huge hits with Abba covers in ’98. His parents are Indian and Swedish.
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‘Ramchand Pakistani’

(Tribecafilmfestival) Mehreen Jabbar interviewed by Aseem Chhabra about ‘Ramchand Pakistani’ with Nandita Das. A 7-year-old boy and his father are imprisoned after crossing the Indian border. Scroll to last interview on right side. More: [via]