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Carson murder suspect linked to Mahato killing

(Wiki) A 17-yr-old murder suspect in the killing of 22-yr-old UNC student body president Eve Carson is suspected of murdering Duke grad student Abhijit Mahato 2 months earlier. ‘Idol’ contestant Anoop Desai noted Carson’s death anniversary on air last week.

Did Mahato’s killer assume he was Latino?

(Nbc17) Stephen Oats and William Smith are accused of 17 armed robberies and of murdering Duke grad student Abhijit Mahato in a robbery last month. They allegedly targeted Latinos because they tend to keep cash rather than rely on banks.
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Four arrested in Duke murder

(Wral) Stephen Oates, William Dozia Smith and two 14-year-olds were arrested after a high-speed chase for allegedly murdering Abhijit Mahato and robbing others. [via]
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Murdered Duke student extorted

(ToI) Local hoodlums in the Duke area often asked Mahato for money, and he gave it to them. His friends had come looking for him, got no response and found his body. (ht: shlok)
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Duke grad student found dead

(News14) Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato was found murdered in his Durham apartment, blocks away from his school.
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