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Bindra takes swipe at sporting bureaucracy

(AFP) ‘The IOA refused to give me a ticket from Germany to China. They said I had to first come back to India and I could get a ticket from here... Why not just rename the sports pages the cricket pages?’
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That’s gonna cost him

(WaPo) Indians watched with moist eyes and disbelief as their anthem played at the Olympics for the first time in 28 years. Bindra’s dad said there were 600 missed calls on his cellphone.
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Mittal paid for Bindra’s bullets

(BusWeek) Lakshmi Mittal’s trust got Abhinav Bindra a physical therapist, a mental trainer, and when his bullets ran out, cartridges to practice with. Mittal lives in London (Olympics ’12). Delhi is upgrading for ’10 C’wealth Games, wants ’20 Olympics.

Bindra has a blog

(Abhinavbindra) Gold medalist Bindra: For more than a decade I have not had a life beyond the 10m range. I had a range built in my home to cut down distraction and practise whenever the fancy strikes. (ht: CP)

Video of Bindra’s medal ceremony

(Nbcolympics) Watch Abhinav Bindra receive the men’s 10 meter air rifle gold medal and a bouquet.

Bindra aur Babli

(NYT) A Chandigarh MBA who sells joysticks has lifted India’s 28-year gold medal curse. He grew up with a home shooting range and gets a lifetime A/C rail pass. Indians were ecstatic he wasn’t an NRI. Mom: ‘When the time comes, we’ll talk marriage.’