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Ravinder not Tagore

(Slate) Gators QB Tim Tebow praises creationist Ravi Kumar Zacharias. Controversy over Super Bowl accepting Tebow’s anti-abortion ad and rejecting one for gay dating. (ht: Amar) More on Zacharias:

‘Blown away’: sex selection continued in U.S.

(NYT) Among Chinese, Korean and Indian Americans, the chance of having a boy was 50 percent greater if the first 2 kids were girls.
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Fetal sex selection among Indian-Americans

(Slate) Unusually high boy percentages among 3rd- and 4th-born Indian children in California would be consistent with gender-selective abortion rates of around 10%. (ht: RF)
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Abortion doctor ‘molested pregnant women’

(Tabloid) An anesthesiologist in Britain has been accused of sexually assaulting abortion patients while they were semi-conscious. Dr Narendra Sharma, 51, is facing three counts of engaging in sexual activity without consent.

Wimmin speekin

(TO Globe Photofeature) IndoCarribean person speaks about her abortion.
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Ultrasound, the grim reaper

(AP) Ultrasound scans leave no trace. In Punjab, some rural areas had just 500 girls for every 1,000 boys, and some communities of high-caste urbanites just 300 girls per 1,000. ‘Lancet’ says up to 500K female fetuses are aborted each year. (ht: chickpea)
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Why I am an abortion doctor

(Nationalpost) Abortion doc who was shot, stabbed: She was 18, 18-19 wks pregnant, Hindu with a Muslim boyfriend. She said if her parents found out, she would be disowned, and her brothers would murder her boyfriend. ‘We saved two lives today.’ [via]
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