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Would you like to test the cock or snakes?

(Wiki) Sucralose was discovered when researcher Shashikant Phadnis was told to test the powder and heard ‘taste’ because that’s what ‘test’ sounds like in some desi accents. He tasted it. It was sweet. (ht: GS)
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Jaailed for Brooklyn accent

(SF Chron) “The deputy told me I had a foreign accent,’� Parrish recalled. ‘I told him I had an East Coast [Brooklyn] accent. He said, ‘It sounds like a foreign accent to me.’ ‘ [So the man was jailed.]
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Jonesing for smarter humor

(Sarahjonesonline ‘04) Sarah Jones: TV ignores immigrants or treats them as comic relief. I talk in an Indian accent and it’s funny. Why? French: sexy, Spanish: unacceptable? Puerto Rican woman with 9 kids rice and beans jokes are not funny.
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The Sarah monologues

(Ted) Monologist Sarah Jones does a better Indian accent than many 2nd gen actors. At 11:35. Also: Jordanian, Chinese, old Jewish lady. (ht: Mr. X) More on Jones: [via]
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