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Status gained

(AFP) Pakistan’s top court issues a remarkably progressive order to government to recognize eunuchs (blanket term for transsexuals, hermaphrodites, castrati) as third gender , thus granting recognition to a abused sub-community.

Dishonorable mutilation

(Tampabay Pics) Gruesome photos of Pakistani acid attack victims.
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Acid attack victim says eye for eye not cruel

(AFP) Her attacker ‘will be anesthetized and will not suffer pain. His face will not be disfigured because only a few drops (of acid) will be needed, he will not have the internal injuries which I had.’
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Eyes for eyes

(CNN) Instead of blood money, Tehran acid attack victim demanded the stalker be blinded with acid. A court assented.
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Texan acid attack

(AP) Tracy Escobedo of Texas allegedly tried to splash his girlfriend with sulfuric acid, but it seriously injured her four kids instead.
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A Time to Kill?

(NDTV) Vigilantism on the rise in India. Shiv Sena wants to hang Kasab publicly without trial; now Khushboo ‘welcomes encounter’ which killed 3 acid attackers. Burglars lynched Delhi, Bihar. 14 min NDTV clip discusses with law experts and acid affectees.

H2SO4 terrorism

(NYT) Pakistan acid attack victim: ‘The bones on my face were showing, and all of my skin was falling off.’ Smoke rose from her flesh. She can’t close her eyes or mouth and eats in private because food slips out as she chews.
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Acid attacks on the rise

(Guardianweekly) Women are acid-attacked for doing well at work, protesting DV — whenever they demonstrate independence — by husbands, lovers, employers, colleagues and landlords. Even a child can buy concentrated acid over the counter for Rs. 20. [via]
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