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Obama, Gates block torture photo release

(AP) Jameel Jaffer on Obama blocking torture photos: ‘It sets a bad precedent for the government to be suppressing information that relates to government misconduct.’

Post-Gitmo party

(New Yorker) Party celebrating order to close Gitmo: ‘Why don’t you write down everything your interrogators have asked you?’ ‘I’ve been interrogated every day for 5 years. That’s like asking Charlie Sheen to write down all his wives!’
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ACLU sues over privacy dragnet

(Wired) The FISA law signed last week lets Dubya order Gmail and AT&T (for example) to *forward to the gov’t* all your emails and calls if your buddy is overseas. The ACLU is suing over this shitbrick on the 4th Amendment.
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Protests highlight immigrant jail deaths

(HuffPo·L) Amrit Singh, ACLU lawyer and Manmohan’s daughter: ‘The dogs used on detainees in the New Jersey [immigrant] detention facilities look very similar to the dogs used on detainees in Abu Ghraib and Iraq.’
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Constitution inapplicable if Dubya says T-word

(AP) DOJ memo claimed 4th Amendment (no search w/o warrant) doesn’t apply to terrorism in U.S. Jameel Jaffer, dir, ACLU Nat’l Security Proj: ‘Each time one of these memos comes out, you have to come up with a more extreme way to characterize it.’ 4th Am.: [via]