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Denby does ‘Funny People’

(New Yorker) The Adam Sandler of ‘Funny People’ is a revelation: remorseless and frighteningly intelligent. He penetrates people’s defenses instantly. [No Ansari mention.]

‘Zohan’ not PC

(NYT) ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ doesn’t pander to PC, which is better than ‘Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World,’ which was set in India... American Jews’ willingness to mock Israeli FOBs is a sign of cultural maturity [eh?]

Turbans in ‘Zohan’

(LAT) Zohan is punching terrorists. A turban-wearing character comments, ‘Oh, so we’re the bad guys?’ As Zohan kicks him off a balcony, the terrorist asserts: ‘It’s more complicated than that.’

Slim pickin’s for Muslims on screen

(NYT) The comedy in ‘Zohan’ isn’t evenly divided between ridiculing Arab Muslims and ridiculing Jews. ‘The jokes are are 70-30. Which is great. We haven’t had 30 for a long time. We’ve been getting zero. So it’s good.’