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Bet on Pak, Not Af

(Express) Fusing Indian, US narratives = Pakistan under siege. Such nations do not work through their domestic politics constructively. What if, instead of $1.5B from US w/ humiliating conditions, they had $5B from India, only one string attached? [P.B. Mehta]

The War in Pashtunistan

(NYT) Pashtunistan is not on any map, but it’s where AQ and Taliban both hide. It straddles 1,000 miles of the 1,600-mile Af-Pak border. The problem for the US has been: their enemy ignores the border; the US has been hindered because they must respect it.
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His Af, Our Pak

(Express) If Obama wins, we win. If he loses, we have to be strong enough to look after ourselves. Jay Leno underlined an old Washington truism: it doesn’t matter how much they abuse you, but you’ve got to worry when they start laughing at you. [Shekhar Gupta]

India, the US, and Af-Pak

(Express) Neither New Delhi nor Washington can achieve their objectives by pursuing separate policies, writes C. Raja Mohan, Henry A. Kissinger Chair at the Library of Congress, outlining an unprecedented proposal for a joint Indo-US strategy on Af-Pak.
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The Taliban and Butch Cassidy

(Vid) Candid academic seminar former US diplomats in Pakistan; Pakistani academics in US on ‘Af-Pak strategy’; Middlebury. Q&A; absolute solid gold for candor. ‘Who *are* these guys?’ US diplomats on the Taliban in 1994 reminding of BC & SK. (107min)

Pulitzer-Winning NYT Team on Charlie Rose

(Charlierose) Conversation about Af-Pak. Mark Mazzetti, Jane Perlez, Pir Zubair Shah and Eric Schmitt: won 2009 Pulitzer Prize International Reporting. Shah: ‘Pak concerns on Af must be accommodated’; Perlez: ‘Pakistan is in a mood to accommodate Taliban’. 42 min.