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‘The Wrestler’

(Traileraddict) Mr. Rachel Weisz directs ‘The Wrestler’ about a washed-up WWE-style grappler. Ajay Naidu plays a medic. Desi cornership owner at end of trailer. Mickey Rourke apparently on roids.

Naidu in ‘Righteous Kill’

(IMDB) Ajay Naidu has a scene as a Dr. Chadrabar [screenwriters won’t go with a real name?] in ‘Righteous Kill’ (Pacino, De Niro). With accent. (ht: Gitesh)

‘The Little Flower of East Orange’

(NYT) Like ‘Glass Menagerie,’ ‘Little Flower of East Orange’ is a memoir by a sensitive man who cannot get his mother out of his mind. With Ajay Naidu as patronizing doctor. Directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Just ran at Public Theater. (ht: MToor)

Mr. Woodclaus

(Vid NSFW video) Ajay Naidu played yet another desi freak in ‘Bad Santa,’ where he tried to have his way with Billy Bob Thornton. At 0:27.
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‘Loins of Punjab’ music vid

(Video) Excerpts of ‘Loins’ title track, ‘Dhol Beat.’ Video by Nina Paley, song by Ajay Naidu, Samrat Chakrabarti. Skeletons dancing bhangra; a visual reference to her ‘Sitayana’; some great lyrics.
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Shabana cussed out in ‘Loins’

(Ndtvmusic) Shabana Azmi was reluctant to sing in ‘Loins of Punjab Presents,’ but director Manish Acharya wanted an untrained voice because of the Desi Idol theme. The Hindi film icon also gets cussed out by Ajay Naidu.
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Filmmaker digs ‘Loins’

(Tatvam) ‘Loins of Punjab Presents’ is freaking hilarious! Ajay Naidu is Turbanotorious BDG, an angry young man who happens to be a gay bhangra rapper. His partner in his act is also his life partner – an African-American-bhangra-rapping sidekick.
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ToI’s story on ‘Loins’ leads with Shabana

(ToI) ToI story on ‘Loins of Punjab Presents’ leads with Shabana Azmi rather than Ajay Naidu. It’s a local angle :) “Azmi’s film... has won the best feature film honour at the 2007 First Run Festival in New York."
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Post-production on ‘Punching at the Sun’

(NY Mag) -Tanuj Chopra: So we were editing in my apartment with Final Cut Pro. We were editing in Delhi. -Ajay Naidu: That is so dope that you edited in Delhi. -Chopra: Get to Delhi. It’s where it’s going on.
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