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Unclear how Yale student forged transcript

(NYT) Akash Maharaj sending in a fake transcript is like a counterfeiter getting currency paper. Many colleges used paper with watermarks and embedded metal strips. ‘Did he take it or buy it?’ Maharaj now linked to 4th college, St. Johns.
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Akash, meet Kaavya

(Yaledailynews) The Akash Maharaj scandal evokes Aleksey Vayner ’07, the Yale senior who produced a fictional video resume, and Yale’s current legal tangle with a Korean university over the confirmation of a forged doctorate. [And Kaavya, and Azia Kim at Stanford.]

The talented Mr. Maharaj

(Yaledailynews) Akash Maharaj allegedly forged a Columbia transcript and recommendation letter and faked his age to get into Yale. He was arrested for theft of financial aid (ht: Pooja).
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The Strange World of Yale Imposter (Now with Photos!)

(Gawker) More, if you are at all interested ;).) Bunny hats and duping Ivy League universities may only be the tip of this crazy iceberg.
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How Phony Yalie Was Brought Down by Vindictive Gay Lover

(Gawker) Akash Maharaj, a 26-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago, was arrested last fall; he now faces fraud and larceny charges. It was a story of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps gone wrong... until his lurid, baroque tale unfolded further.
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