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Ali Akbar Khan’s father issues

(NYT) Ali Akbar Khan cut a live record at MoMA, scored ‘Little Buddha’ and feuded with his father over his film interest, being forgiven after his dad was impressed by his score for ‘Hungry Stones.’
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Ali Akbar Khan obit

(WaPo) Ali Akbar Khan, 87, a Bengali sarod maestro, died at his home near San Rafel. Americans asked, ‘How can you play music in India with all the tigers and snakes and monkeys you have to fight off?’ [Americans still ask.]
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Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, 88

(Hindu) Padma Vibhushan Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, 88, died at San Francisco on Friday. The Ustad was a colossus in the world of Indian classical music for the last five decades. He is survived by wife Mary, three sons and a daughter.

How to come out

(AFP) At IIFA, Abhishek Bachchan screamed for joy and yelled, ‘Well, I am gay tonight!’ Big winners: the horribly-written ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ and the racist ‘Fashion.’

Mahabharat in 169 panels

(Wiki) Akbar commissioned art to represent the Hindu epics. The Mahabharat was delivered as a series of 169 paintings and is known as Razm-nama.
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Minerva hindustani

(Columbia) Tho’ unable to read, Akbar was a great patron of the arts. One of the great acheefments in his tenure was the conversation on art styles iwth the roman stylists. Here’s Basawan’s portrayal of Madonna and child, and vecellio’s etching of hindu castes
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Comparing Rushdie with Gowariker

(Outlook) Urdu academic criticizes Rushdie short story on Jodha-Akbar while taking the turgid, weak Bollyflick seriously. Are. You. Kidding. Me.

‘Akbar’ the silly

(Anonandon) Gowariker would have us believe Akbar doesn’t sleep with her for months. This from a man who killed his wife by f-ing her too much. Neeta Lulla is being asked to recreate the Jodhaa look for wedding trousseaus, which is why she did the film.
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‘Jodhaa Akbar’ pretty, slow

(NYT) ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ is on the scale of DeMille, with enough elephants and gold to sink the Titanic. Hrithik and Aishwarya are astonishing specimens of human beauty. The green-eyed Roshan is a charter member of the Bollywood six-pack-abs club.