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Saffronart Gallery panel discussion

(Saffronart) Indian art panel discussion coinciding with Frieze Art Fair, a showcase of contemporary art in London. Hour-long audio discussion posted on website.

Losing a religion

(Molleindustria) Dem Italians come out with FaithFighter 2. This time your task is to NOT let any of the religions fade into nuffin’. [via]


(Tumblr) What an Indian mermaid might look like. (ht: Shashwati)
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Maher baits Scottish Muslim

(Voice) It isn’t fun watching Bill Maher bait a barely coherent Scottish Muslim... Albert Brooks went looking for comedy in the Muslim world. Perhaps he should have started here with the comics of ‘Allah Made Me Funny.’

‘Allah Made Me Funny’

(NYT) Employing a rare G-rated approach, comedians Azhar Usman (desi), Mohammed Amer (Palestinian) and Preacher Moss (black) each gets his 20 minutes on stage.

Sheetal’s cirque

(Geocities) Photos of Sheetal Gandhi dancing in Cirque du Soleil (scroll down). She also performed at Artwallah ’08.