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The ice lingam of Amarnath

(Search) The pilgrimage site Kashmiris are fighting over.
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Amarnath land grant intended to save lives

(WaPo) Years ago, 200 Amarnath pilgrims died in a blizzard. When protests erupted over the shelter grant, Malik offered the pilgrims blankets and rice and told Muslims to treat them with respect. Then Hindus blockaded roads into Kashmir.
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Kashmir clashes explained

(WaPo) Muslims saw the Amarnath land grant as a stealth Hindu settlement plan. After it was revoked, Jammu Hindus blockaded roads at the peak of the apple harvest. The usual suspects, jihadis and the BJP, have jumped on the issue.
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Kashmiris protest shrine shelters

(NYT) 10K Indian troops are keeping Kashmir quiet. The gov’t allocated land for prefab shelters for half a million Amartnath pilgrims, prompting large Muslim protests.
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Destruction in anti-Shiva protests

(NYT) Thousands of Kashmiri Muslims burned flags and effigies of Indian leaders against the transfer of land to the Amarnath Shiva shrine, which would ease pilgrimages.
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