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Loose lips sink chips

(WSJ) Ex-AMD CEO Hector Ruiz accused of tipping Chiesi in Galleon case [!!] but not of profiting from it. Galleon’s funds are liquidating, too much adverse publicity.
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Yogic jogging

(IU Vid) Baba Ramdev teaches goofy yogic jogging (at 4:25), crowd goes nuts.
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India’s Youngest MP just 26

(Expressindia) Hamdulla Sayeed, 26, Congress, represents Lakshadweep. Min. age is 25. Oldest MP is Ram Sundar Das of the JD(U) at 88. In the last Lok Sabha, Agatha Sangma, 29, was youngest MP (she won a bye-election). Agatha has a sister named Christie Sangma.

Author lost cousin in attack

(WaPo) Mira Kamdar’s cousin died at an Oberoi restaurant in the Bombay attack.
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CPUs come in contact with Pani

(ABC) Ex-Intel engineer Biswamohan Pani was indicted with 4 new counts of taking designs for Intel’s next-gen Itanium processor to his new job at AMD.
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Intel engineer accused of stealing secrets

(BoGlobe) Ex-Intel engineer Biswamohan Pani of Worcester, MA allegedly copied designs for future CPUs for his new job at competitor AMD. Pani said was unhappy because he missed his wife Vandana, who worked at Intel California. Pani’s from IIT Bombay.
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Risking Armageddon

(WaPo) Author Mira Kamdar opposes the nuke deal as a distraction from development, clean energy and reducing emissions, and because its passage was bought with bribes in the Indian parliament.

Hamdan defense raises Charlie Wilson’s war

(Yahoo) Bin Laden’s driver is being prosecuted for transporting missiles ‘for use against civvies.’ The defense argues they were for use against U.S. planes. Otherwise, the U.S. committed a war crime by giving Stingers to the mujahedeen.

TV yogi’s expensive quackery

(Guardian) Swami Ramdev is a yoga televangelist who charges up to Rs. 40K to TV viewers. The the Indian army claimed his pranayama technique meant a ‘deadlier fighting force.’ The basics (diet, exercise) are true, but he also claims to cure AIDS. (ht: CP)
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Yoga for loga

(Healthzone) Indian government recruits swami ramdev to get indian-log to do yoga.
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Turning against kangaroo courts

(Slate) The JAG lawyer representing Salim Hamdan, bin Laden’s driver, teamed up with Neal Katyal to sue the Defense Department over ‘kangaroo courts,’ because of a long tradition of legal integrity in the military.