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Policemen arrested for complicity in kidney horror

(TO Star) Investigations reveal policemen took $45K from Amit kumar the kidney-chor to help him escape arrest. Policemen under arrest.

If you steal organs, read news online

(Guardian) Staff at a Nepal hotel said Amit Kumar kept a low profile, wearing a hat and sunglasses, but aroused suspicions by clipping kidney scam stories from newspapers.

Doc Horror the kidney-chor deported

(TO Star Video) Amit Kumar (Raut) deported to India. News report contains details on his background — his birthplace, stint as an actor, pics from his place in Brampton and statements from the wife.

Kidney thief invested in Bollywood

(TO Star) The kidney theft doctor allegedly invested money in Bollywood. Ironically, his scripts were more painful to sit through than his operations.

Kidney kulprit kaptured in Kathmandu

(TO Star) Restoring data; Khoof’s summary went something like this:) Indian kidney thief Dr. Amit Kumar was captured in Nepal, carrying $145K.

Dr Horror in Toronto

(TO Star) Kidney transplant kingpin bought house in Brampton and moved in with his young second wife. Neighbors surprised to know they’re living next to a ghoul. RCMP and Interpol still searching for Amit Kumar [see photo] in global manhunt.

Lack of donor list enables kidney black market

(BBC) One of the reasons for the black market in organs is the lack of a donor list. ‘The laws in India make it impossible to get a kidney legally. I can only get one from a blood relative.’ 3K kidneys available but 150K needed. (thanks, Sapna)