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The jihadi next door

(Al Pic) 2nd gen jihadi Omar Hammami as high school student in Alabama Model UN. Part Syrian, part white, ex-speechie, converted several Southerners: [via]
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Hare Krishna feast

(Grubstreet ‘07) Novelist Porochista Khakpour: My boyfriend was a former Hare Krishna monk. The Brooklyn temple is hectic, loud, with a free feast on Sundays.

D.C. sniper executed

(NYT) D.C. sniper John Muhammad was executed in Virginia. One of his 11 victims was Premkumar Walekar, shot while filling his taxi: [via]

Young IR rep defends self

(WSJ) Google investor relations rep Shammara Hussain, 23, ‘didn’t ask for or receive money in connection with conversations about Google. Whatever happened was a naive mistake,’ claims her lawyer.

Galleon web expanding

(WSJ) Google suspended ties with Market Street, whose 23-yr-old ex-employee Shammara Hussain allegedly tipped a Rajaratnam informant.

Preemptive censorship at Yale

(BoGlobe) The Muhammad cartoon violence in Pakistan, Libya and Nigeria was manipulated by political parties. Fearful, Yale Press banned an author from including them in her book.

Bros before hoez

(Gettyimages Pic) Obama and Muhammad Yunus share fanfic-worthy moment during Medal of Freedom ceremony. In this one, Yunus is garroted by Obama: [via]

Yunus getting Presidential Medal

(AP) Muhammad Yunus will receive Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama. Also: Harvey Milk, Stephen Hawking, Desmond Tutu.

‘Osama van Halen’

(Wiki) ‘Osama van Halen’ has the Taqwacores’ Ayyub and Rabeya take Matt Damon hostage to (paradoxically) demand Hollywood show Muslims in a better light.

Hookah sting

(Newsday) L.I. convenience store owner Mohammad Sohail, famous for giving $ to a robber who claimed poverty, was busted for selling bongs and hookahs. [Wonder whether limited language skills were a factor, like the Georgia Sudafed case.]
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(Twitter) M.I.A. on Bill Maher tonight with banker Muhammad Yunus. Also, Anoop Desai on Larry King tonight/tomorrow.
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Kasab declared an adult

(WSJ) Doctors and forensic experts said 11/26 suspect Mohammad Kasab is over 20 years old, contradicting his lawyer’s gambit of having him declared a minor. He originally stated he was 21.

Bite down, this may hurt

(WSJ) A radiologist and a forensic dentist will examine Mohammed Ajmal Kasab to prove or disprove his claim that he was 17 during the 11/26 attack.

Qasab hanged on film

(ToI) At least 15 Bollywood B movies are doing the 11/26 story. In ‘Total Ten,’ ‘we have had Qasab hanged at the end.’

FBI to testify at Kasab’s trial

(WaPo) 5 foreign experts, including U.S. FBI agents, will testify at Kasab’s trial. The FBI was involved in GPS and VOIP data fixing the terrorists as being from Pakistan.

Kasab a crack shot

(NYT) The prosecutor said handled Col. R. Saadat Ullah works for an organization run by the Pakistani Army under the Ministry of Information. Kasab chosen for marksmanship and given 3.5 months training.

Kasab recants

(WaPo) 11/26 terrorist Mohammad Kasab recanted his confession, saying it was taken under torture.

Kasab trial begins

(WaPo) Kasab’s new lawyer Abbas Kazmi claimed the 11/26 terrorist is only 16, but Kasab told investigators he’s 21.

Teach a man to fish

(Guernicamag) Dambisa Moyo, ‘Dead Aid’: Think about it: a billion dollars in this marketplace. In Bangladesh. The World Bank has been really strong-arming Yunus, trying to get him to take aid money, but he’s been obstinate about not taking it.

Rediff UK?

(Ifyoulikeitsomuchwhydontyougolivethere) A compendium of some serious competition to Rediff commenters.
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Nation of Islam founder hid origins

(Wiki) Wallace Fard Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam, claimed to be of African, Arab or Indian parentage and talked of the ‘Asiatic Blackman.’ Researchers think he was Ahmaddiya from Pakistan, Turkish, Polynesian, and/or white. (ht: DJ DP)

Serving Yellamma

(New Yorker) The goddess Yellamma saw a heavenly being making love, and her desire destroyed her yogic powers. Devadasis today are dedicated to Yellamma; many are straightforward sex workers and many die of AIDS.
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Abba musical like Bollywood

(BoGlobe) ‘Mamma Mia’ has the exuberance of Bollywood rather than the slickness of MTV. When Meryl Streep writhes on a goat house roof to the title song, it’s like a young Madonna doing ‘Like a Virgin’ in that wedding dress.
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You do not hug Amma, she hugs you

(Tabloid) Amma grabbed me into her bosom and started repeating, ‘Mere pyare betey’ (my beloved son). Twenty seconds later, she released me and handed me one Hershey’s Kiss and a packet of aromatic powder.
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Sweden to pay $500K to man kidnapped by CIA

(AP) Sweden will pay $500K compensation to an Egyptian man kidnapped by the CIA with Swedish consent. He was cleared of terrorism connections but tortured and jailed in Egypt for two years without charges. Background: [via]

Freed militant recruited cannon fodder

(WaPo) After U.S. forces routed the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, Sufi Muhammad was fiercely criticized for recruiting thousands of Pakistani boys and young men from poor villages to fight with little or no training.
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Pakistanis free Islamist

(NYT) In a move toward negotiation over fighting, Pakistan’s Awami National Party freed Maulana Sufi Muhammad, leader of a jihadi movement and father-in-law of Maulana Fazlullah.

Dhamma for dhimmis

(NYT) ‘The Dhamma Brothers’ is a documentary about a 9 day, Buddhist Vipassana meditation program at a U.S. prison where participants must not talk, drink or steal.

Yunus condemns Mexican microfinance

(NYT) Muhammad Yunus condemned Mexican microfinance co. Compartamos (Let’s Share), which takes his model and does it for profit.

Danish cartoonist still in hiding

(NYT) Kurt Westergaard, who drew the Danish toon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, has been in hiding ever since. At 72 he’s dressed in fire-engine red pants, a patterned red scarf and a Sgt. Pepper black coat like a stout Scandinavian sailor.

Ashoka hands out cash

(Wiki) The nonprofit calls its namesake Emperor Ashoka the first social entrepreneur. Farhana Huq (ceowomen.org) is the new winner. Past: Muhammad Yunus (microcredit), Eboo Patel (interfaith). (thanks, Kavita)

Rushdie-esque plot vs. Danish cartoonist foiled

(WaPo) A Moroccan Dane and two Tunisians were arrested over a plot to murder a 73-year-old cartoonist who did one of the Muhammad cartoons in the ‘Jyllands-Posten’ which created a controversy in ’06. [via]