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The shocking Jon siblings of Madras

(Open) An enduring image of Anand Jon: lying sprawled on the bonnet of a car, surrounded by a swarm of pretty girls in school uniforms. (via @yesnosorry)
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On deadline?

(ToI) Typo-ridden ToI story on Anand Jon refers to ‘Robert Downney Jr’, ‘Martha Steward.’
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Anand Jon’s family appeals to Obama

(Hindu) Anand Jon’s family is alleging ‘racial discrimination’ and ‘conspiracy.’ They are supported by students of Delhi U, including the law faculty, and will march to the U.S. embassy in Delhi.
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The defenders of Anand Jon

(Delhibelly) Several myths which Anand Jon defenders might believe: a handsome man cannot be a rapist; wealthy men are not rapists; and rape without violence is not rape.
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Jon still faces out-of-state charges

(Laweekly) After sentencing, Jon will confront extradition requests for charges in NY, TX... After the verdicts were read, Jon was left by himself — a pale, lonely figure whose only sign of cheer was his shiny gold tie.
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Jon faces mandatory sentence

(AP) Jon faces a mandatory life sentence and will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. Outside the courtroom, several of Alexander’s friends and relatives huddled together, some weeping openly.
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Jon convicted ot rape, faces life

(LAT) Anand Jon found guilty of sexually assaulting seven females — one rape count, 15 sexual assault. Acquitted on 4 counts. Faces life. Jon allegedly contacted the victims to stop them from reporting him to authorities. (ht: Dari)
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Anand Jon trial progresses

(Myfoxla) Two plaintiffs in Anand Jon case testified. Just two now allege rape, as opposed to other sexual coercion (ht: AC). More: [via]
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Anand Jon trial gets underway

(LAT) Prosecutors told jurors that designer Anand Jon was a serial rapist who exploited his position in the glamour industry to lure young aspiring models.
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Half the charges against Anand Jon dropped

(LAT) Los Angeles County prosecutors Wednesday dropped half the criminal counts in the sexual assault case against fashion designer Anand Jon. [via]
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Anand Jon trial set for Sep. 3

(Radar) Radar writer Neel Shah looks at upcoming Anand Jon trial. Marla Maples defends him: [via]
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