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New Anjali goods

(Anjali) New Anjali (UK) album due out in early ’10. (ht: @kalhan) Also, her coconut scraper: [via]
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Confessions of a ‘Bombay Dreams’ actress

(IMDB) Anjali Bhimani had a small role in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic.’

‘I Feel Pretty’

(Vid) Actress Anjali Bhimani feigns accent as hotel maid in Nike ad starring Maria Sharapova. At very beginning. (ht: Kerim)

Kasab lawyer resigns

(BBC) Appointed to defend 11/26 attacker Kasab, lawyer Anjali Waghmare withdrew after the Shiv Sena surrounded her house in Mumbai chanting slogans. She’s the second lawyer reportedly to withdraw from the case after intimidation.

Slash fiction

(IMDB) Brit Asian actress Anjali Jay hooked up with the new Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) in the movie ‘Blind Dating.’
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The Singh thing

(Findarticles) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Nigerian civil war novel ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ was edited by Anjali Singh (‘Persepolis,’ ‘Tina’s Mouth’).

Penalized for being too smart

(Dallasnews) Anjali Datta has the highest GPA ever recorded at a Texan high school but will not be valedictorian because she did it in 3 years rather than 4. Wha..? (ht: chickpea)
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