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‘Star Trek’ quick-paced nonsense

(New Yorker) Mired in his Russian accent, Chekov (Anton Yelchin) mixes up his ‘v’s and ‘w’s, a tongue-slip that Dickens pretty much exhausted for comic value in ‘The Pickwick Papers.’�

‘H&K;’ actress in ‘Watchmen’

(New Yorker) Laurie goes by Silk Spectre, as if hoping to become a top-class shampoo; she is played by Malin Akerman (‘Harold & Kumar’), whose line readings suggest that she is defeated by the pressure of pretending to be one person, let alone two.

Italy’s Bhojpuri

(New Yorker) Next to Naples crime docudrama ‘Gomorrah’, ‘Slumdog’ seems like an adventure vacation... Some Italian audiences required subtitles, so parochial is the Neapolitan dialect.

You can’t live on subtlety

(New Yorker) A.Lane: As with other mutt-flavored titles, ‘Slumdog’ sounds like a rock album that decided to become a movie. Subtlety is not its prime concern here: -Come away with me. -And live on what? -Love.

Quantum of violence

(New Yorker) A.Lane: A ‘Quantum of Solace’ fight scene is a murderous parody of ‘The English Patient,’ when Juliette Binoche was hoisted to inspect church frescoes... Our James Bond is in decline, having had his privates thoroughly dusted with a hank of rope.

A.Lane on writing

(Telegraph) I do have one very brutal writing ritual. If I’m working in the morning, I don’t allow myself a cup of tea until I’ve written two paras... The ‘New Yorker’ is the only place you can pull a piece [for a] semicolon. It’s a haven for the pedant.
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As traumatic as the loss of India

(New Yorker) A.Lane: I attended the Olympics, but I can’t truly say I actually was in China or Beijing... The overdog of the 110m hurdles limped off, which was only slightly less traumatic for China than the loss of India was for the Brits.