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Desi Thanksgiving

(Twitter) Archie Panjabi at Vermilion NYC. Malhotra family debates correct way to hold a wine glass. Mom lecturing on homepathic cold remedies.

‘The Good Wife’

(Fancast Mar.) Archie Panjabi plays a bisexual Erin Brockovich figure in the CBS pilot ‘The Good Wife’ starring Julianna Margulies and Mr. Big, Chris Noth.

Cheadle subtle in ‘Traitor’

(NYT) In ‘Traitor,’ Don Cheadle does subtle work. Samir’s former girlfriend (Archie Panjabi) is an interesting minor character. Aly Khan plays a terrorist.

Panjabi in romantic spy thriller

(IMDB) Archie Panjabi has been cast in ‘Un Simple Espion’ (A Simple Spy), a French romantic spy thriller, alongside Gillaume Canet.

‘Traitor’ incendiary

(New Yorker) Don Cheadle plays a tormented American Muslim double agent named Samir Horn. The movie’s like ’24,’ implying in an incendiary fashion that ordinary American Muslims could be sleeper cells. [With Archie Punjabi.]

‘Code 46’

(Wiki) ‘Code 46’ is an ’03 film by Michael Winterbottom, a sci-fi biopunk dystopia. Stars Om Puri, Nina Wadia, Archie Panjabi, Tim Robbins.
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‘A Good Year’ an average film

(IMDB) Archie Panjabi is Max’s British assistant, a character created for the film. As the all knowing and mischievously wicked Gemma, she appears ready to run away with this picture.
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KANK stunk at Toronto

(NYT) The 3hr+ film had people walking out after the first hour, at the Toronto Film Fest. [Also mentions ‘A Good Year’ with Archie Panjabi.]
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