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‘Rendezvous with Rama’ greenscreen

(Filmroster Video) Greenscreening the effects for the much delayed, possibly canceled ‘Rendezvous with Rama,’ movie version of Arthur C. Clarke story.

The Clarke event

(Slashdot) Someone suggests naming a brilliant gamma ray burst visible on Earth just before Arthur C. Clarke’s death the ‘Clarke event.’
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Arthur C. Clarke laid to rest

(SMH) Clarke had asked for a secular funeral, but monks joined the mourners. Sri Lankans observed a minute of silence. Yellow roses were thrown onto the body, which lay on a white bed beneath curved elephant tusks.

‘Nine Billion Names of God’

(Lucis) Arthur Clarke short story: Tibetan lamas hire engineers to churn out all 9 billion possible names of God. Once the computer prints the final name, they believe, she will wind up the universe.
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