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(Vid) Nike ad ‘Chalk’ with LeBron James set to ‘Candyman’ by Cornershop.

Does the full-court press work?

(MoJo·L) Tibco founder and basketball coach Vivek Ranadive’s ’40 Minutes of Hell’ is kind of a dick move in a league of 12 yr olds. And Gladwell doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

How David beats Jagannath

(New Yorker) Gladwell: Coaching his daughter’s basketball team, Vivek Ranadive took them to the national championships. ‘It was really random. My father had never played basketball before.’ His secret: 100% full court press.

Hoop kings

(Guardian) Bhutan installed a young new king with matinee looks who went to Oxford and is a keen basketball player. [King Khesar and Obama can go one-on-one for foreign aid.]
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The upside-down econ of Indian basketball

(NYT) Basketball is most popular among cosmopolitan Indians, for whom the game carries a whiff of Western sophistication. The United States’ ultimate gritty playground game has, in India, largely become a game for the children of the elite.
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NBA players coach Indian ballers

(WSJ) India’s men’s basketball team, the Young Cagers, has only qualified for the Olympic tournament once despite being a member of the FIBA since ’30. The tallest Indian player at the camp was a 6’9", 165 lb center.
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Desi spotted playing hoops

(Basketball) Chantella Perera — guard for Australian U21 Women’s World Championship team, ex of Calstate. [via]
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