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Bhopal 25 years later

(Guardian) Sinha: Methyl-isocyanate even reacts with itself, yet in Bhopal it was kept in a tank the size of a steam locomotive. Alarms were kept off because accidents were routine.
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‘Plenty good for an Indian’

(NYT) Dow called $550 Bhopal injury compensation ‘plenty good for an Indian.’ Union Carbide CEO lives in the Hamptons despite int’l arrest warrant. Cowed by need for FDI, India isn’t asking for extradition.

Dow’s people

(New Yorker) The Yes Men posed as a Dow Chemical rep on the BBC and promised billions to Bhopal victims.
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Bhopal gas leak CEO ordered arrested

(WaPo) Bhopal chief judge orders arrest of Union Carbide CEO at time of leak, who lives in the Hamptons.
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You’re welcome

(NYT) ‘The Yes Men Fix the World’: Comedian declares Dow Chemicals accepts responsibility for Bhopal.

Slowly, slowly after Bhopal

(WaPo) Debate over a post-Bhopal nuclear liability law, among several other factors, is slowing down nuclear power in India.
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Kids diving in Bhopal toxic sludge pool

(NYT) Union Carbide was allowed to dump the land on the government before it was cleaned up. It polluted the groundwater, which corroded utensils and caused numerous birth defects. An open pit of chemical sludge is now a slum swimming hole.
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Not to the death — to the pain

(Guardian) Indra Sinha, author of ‘Animal’s People’ about Bhopal, has begun a hunger strike backing disaster survivors who walked Bhopal to Delhi but have yet to meet with the PM. The novel has a parallel scene. [via]