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Confused in Camelot

(NYT) After Indian troops marched into Goa, JFK said he could be spared India’s lectures about moral foreign policy.
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(Vid NSFW vid) I want a goat, yo: charity spoof of SNL digital short. (via @maitri) Donate here: [via]
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Buddhists don’t fall

(Vid) Psychic warrior Jeff Bridges (the Dude) leads soldiers wearing Buddhist robes to ill-fated trust exercise. ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’ trailer, all-star cast.

Macaca helpfulness

(NatGeographic) A free female monkey herds 75 goats throughout a Kerala forest and makes a noise if one goes missing.
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Goa like Oz: Russian Consul General

(IBN) Russian Consul General Mumbai Alexander Mantytsky accused Goa police of stonewalling in eight cases involving Russian deaths or crime victims, comparing the situation with the treatment of Indians in Oz. 44K Russians visited Goa this season.

But do they celebrate bakri Eid?

(Techcrunch) Photos of a herd of goats Google’s using as a low carbon way to mow grass on a campus field.
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Pink chuddies in Goa

(IBN) Goa banned the politigoons who beat up pub-goers in Mangalore and had been threatening to start a Goan branch.

A sublime, scary coast

(WSJ) The sublime, terrifying Konkani coast: We finally reach the border crossing into Goa, and the guard won’t let our rick through unless we pay a Rs. 150 bribe.
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‘The Pool’

(NY Mag) A poor, young dreamer (Venkatesh Chavan) makes the acquaintance of a wealthy Goan couple who owns a idyllic backyard pool that’s the subject of his fantasies. With Nana Patekar.
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Goa’s hippie night market

(WaPo) At Goa’s psychedelic night market, stalls sell dreadlock extensions, sitars, aromatherapy, reiki, an Incredible Hulk sarong with Ganesh, tie-dyed saris and tees with pot on Gandhi’s head. Goa is also the cashew capital of the world.
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Amitav Ghosh continues to talk up Goa

(HT) Ghosh said he had been coming to Goa for 30 years, and one of the pleasures was “to have discovered the literary tradition". “I say this though I read neither Konkani nor Portuguese...." he commented.
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Goans complain of licentious image

(HT) Remember the original Goan film, ‘Bobby.’ Find me a Goan fisherman’s daughter who dresses in skimpy bikinis and shorts like Dimple Kapadia, and I will buy you a villa next to Vijay Mallya’s in Candolim.
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