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Jenny Sanford endorsed Haley

(NYT) SC gov. Mark Sanford’s estranged wife endorsed Nikki Haley after she distanced herself from him. Haley ‘has attracted considerable attention in a state of older, mostly male and white politicians.’

Haley getting talked up in GOP

(RedState·C) If conservatives and libertarians cannot unite behind Nikki Haley as a fresh face for small government, we might as well call it a day.
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Big-spendin’ Sanford

(AP) SC gov Mark Sanford bought Nikki Haley a $7K ticket to China. She claims she can’t remember whether she flew first class. Both pols claim fiscal responsibility as campaign points. More: [via]

Haley’s appeal somewhat like Palin’s

(Politico) Nikki Haley knocked off SC’s longest-serving incumbent and forced state lawmakers to vote on the record, an unpopular ethics move. She’s attracted attention from the national GOP.

Haley claims Sanford’s mantle

(Postandcourier) Nikki Haley: Sanford ‘is no longer is the voice of that reform movement. I am now the new voice of that reform movement.’

Haley cuts losses over Argentinian affair

(Nikkihaley) Nikki Haley ready to dump backer Mark Sanford over affair, urges him to resign, maybe.

The Sanford affair and Nikki Haley

(NYT) If Sanford stays, it’s good news for Nikki Haley. If he resigns, it’s good for Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Democrats.

Haley digs the Appalachian Trail

(Cqpolitics) Nikki Haley asks Mark Sanford not to resign. His would-be replacement is infamous for speeding and crashing a light plane.

Nikki Haley speech

(Vid) Nikki Haley speaks at SC GOP convention. Punjaban with Southern accent before a wall of flags, espousing conservative touchstones.

Haley responds to Sanford scandal

(Palmettoscoop) Nikki Haley: While Gov. Sanford and I have long shared a political philosophy, today’s revelations go well beyond politics...

Haley drops Sanford photo

(WaPo) Nikki Haley pulls Argentine-lovin’ gov. Mark Sanford’s photo from her Web site.

Busted patron

(LAT) Nikki Haley-for-gov backer Mark Sanford, head of Republican Governors Assoc., admits affair with Argentine, which coincidentally was my stripper name. Will Haley need another patron?

Born again, and again, and again

(Fitsnews) A reincarnation joke going around SC politics plays on Nikki Haley’s Sikh background.

SC governor big-ups Haley

(Fitsnews) SC gov Mark Sanford sent email blast backing state rep. Nikki Randhawa Haley for governor. The racism started immediately: [via]

Haley toes GOP line

(RedState·C) Sister of an Iraq war vet and wife of a National Guardsman, Nikki Randhawa Haley says she’s anti-abortion, pro-gun rights and fiscally conservative.
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Land of Atwater questions Haley’s faith

(SCState) During her first State House run, anonymous ads questioned Nikki Randhawa Haley’s conversion from Sikh to Methodist. Haley’s now running for SC governor in a state where many women say they won’t vote for women.