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‘30 Days’

(Vid) Comedy short about how brown guys have no game shows the spelling bee faint at 3:52.
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Balu’s bee feat

(WSJ) In ’85, now-sports doc Balu Natarajan correctly spelled ‘milieu,’ becoming the first Indian-American to win the nat’l spelling bee.
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spelling bee champ from carson era

(Vid) Funny stuff from a spelling makhi
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Who will fight Big Spelling?

(CNN) Kavya Shivashankar won $40K in the nat’l spelling bee, whose profile has shot up since coverage in films and TV.

Jai jai Shivashankar

(CBS) Kavya Shivashankar of Kansas won the national spelling bee on muscles developed from spelling her surname. The last 3 winners have all claimed they wanted to be brain surgeons. Malcolm Gladwell is busy developing a theory. [via]

Desis dominating ’09 bee

(Spellingbee) 7/11 finalists in the U.S. spelling bee appear to be desi. That’s racist! ;)
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Spelling Bee words you never use

(SF Chron) 8th grader Ramya Auroprem is in the nat’ll spelling bee finals after dunking on purlieu, kichel and senryu.
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Can you use that in a sentence?

(Vid Humor) Spelling bee potty mouth. I LOL’d, then felt dirty in my soul.
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Bee brown

(Spellingbee) At least 20% (9 out of 45) of the semifinalists in this year’s national spelling bee are desi. Airs today on ESPN and finals tomorrow.
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A South Asian Spelling Bee

(SAJA) The State Farm South Asian Spelling Bee. No kidding.
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