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Three wolves

(Collegehumor Vid) ‘Twilight’ parody with Aubrey Plaza (‘Parks’), desi extra and infamous 3 wolves tee.
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The making of

(Vid) Twilight Players, Jay Sean, video totty, in a behind the scenes.

Virgin vamps

(Slashingtheseats) ‘Twilight’ is Mills & Boone without the edge, with bland mannequins whose only supernatural power is the height of their hair. Vampires are asexual, biting as non-threatening penetration.

Flex-veg in ‘Twilight’

(BoGlobe) The good vampires in ‘Twilight’ eat deer, calling themselves ‘vegetarians.’ Like tofu, deer ‘keeps you strong but you’re never really satisfied.’
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Vampire movie weekend

(Photobucket) ‘Twilight’ is a teen girl’s dream because it’s a fantasy of a gorgeous, powerful yet timid boyfriend — a ‘vegetarian vampire.’ [via]
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