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The Sex Patels

(Chaiwallasboombox Aud) Talking Heads’ ‘Once in a Lifetime’ remixed by punk-desi band Sex Patels.

Sweep the leg!

(Vid) Funny snake charmer ad involving oral hygiene. (via @nycsav)
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Khudai Khitmatgar

(TO Star) New documentary by McLuhan sheds light on the charismatic Badshah Khan who fought the British, then Gandhi and then Pakistan to keep his land and his people unified. The message is more relevant today than ever.
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‘Convert NOW’

(Imgur Pic) Ad network serves India Uncut ad: ‘Convert NOW to Islam.’ [Seen any weird ones on UB? Let us know.] via @nikhilnarayanan
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‘Greek’ season 3

(Hulu Vid) Dilshad Vadsari continues as co-star in season 3 of ‘Greek,’ a sorority dramedy series: [via]
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Bengal stripes

(Pic) A man, a plan, a striped shirt and a tiger cub.
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Bombay, lund in New York

(Inspirationroom via @maitri) Air India pitches miscegenation with campaign showing Bombay-New York and Bangalore-Dubai couples.

Animated Bollycasting call

(Https:) The insurance co. with a pink-haired animated vixen wants to do it Bollywood-style. (ht: @radha824)
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Google, dead tree edition

(Pluggd) Google running *print* ads in India about travel queries.
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Cast of ‘Amelia’

(IMDB) Mira Nair’s ‘Amelia’ biopic stars Ewan McGregor, Richard Gere, Hilary Swank, Virginia Madsen.

Lenticular jodi

(Rays3d) The huge lenticular movie ads for ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ show different photos depending on the angle.

Curry in a puff

(WaPo) M. Mahadevan sells Indianized puffs to the U.S., UAE and Ghana. Hot Breads even became a hit with the French, who were curious about the taste of Indian-French fusion in a pastry. He also opened a barista school in a slum.

‘Roadside Romeo’ not so lovable

(NYT) The 3D animated ‘Romeo’ isn’t visually attractive, though there are some nice touches: a dingy, spit-splattered ‘No spitting’ sign; a beautifully detailed train. The subtitles explain the Bollyrefs.
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Disney’s Indian martial arts flick

(Hollywoodreporter) Disney India is working on a live action movie about kalaripayattu, ‘The 19th Step’ with Kamal Hassan and Asin. It’s also co-producing the Yash Raj animation feature ‘Roadside Romeo.’ (ht: CP)

‘Roadside Romeo’ trailer

(Vid) Trailer for animated Bollywood parody, ‘Roadside Romeo.’ CGI dog imitates Hrithik, Amitabh.
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