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The mile high nap club

(ToI) Air India pilots dozed off, overshot Bombay, never punished. (via @amitvarma)
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The travails of Air India

(NYT) Fistfight, rats and sparks: Air India is a mess because of political demands to hire too many people, not outsource and fly unprofitable routes to rural and pilgrimage destinations.
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He said, she said at 30,000 feet

(LAT) Air India pilot allegedly hit flight attendant during flight. ‘This airline is a disgrace... I think this airline should die.’ (ht: Neha)
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Annals of unbelievable spin

(Reuters) Air India: At no time were passengers endangered by fistfight in cockpit.
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Maharaja boxing

(ToI) Air India cabin crew, pilots have fistfight while cruising over Pakistan. (via @amitvarma)
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Indian Gvt role in Kanishka bombing, says Canadian Secret Agent

(Ottawacitizen) Sikh extremist Talwinder Singh Parmar, mastermind of the 1985 Air India bombing, may actually have been an agent provocateur dispatched by the Indian secret service to work undercover inside Canada’s “Little Punjab" community
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Air India employs 319 people per plane

(Globalpost) With just 147 planes, Air India has 47,000 employees, the most inefficient in the world.
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Bombay, lund in New York

(Inspirationroom via @maitri) Air India pitches miscegenation with campaign showing Bombay-New York and Bangalore-Dubai couples.

Bew-Air India

(WSJ) Air India to get billion-dollar gov’t bailout after deferring salaries. Beware, passengers.
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Your bitter palace in the sky

(BusWeek) 31K Air India employees are facing 2 weeks of paycheck delay while the airline seeks a government bailout.
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Mulroney gov’t hid Air India data

(TO Star) The Mulroney gov’t knew Air India was brought down by a bomb but initially didn’t tell Indian authorities for fear of liability.
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Express livery

(Gettyimages Photo) The livery for Air India Express resembles the national monuments on the sides of U-Hauls. Another: [via]
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Akhand path seeds division

(Canada) It should have brought peace, but a memorial service to remember the victims of the Air India bombing is sowing discord. The Gurdwara where the Path will be held venerates Parmar, the chief plotter of the bombing.
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Flight 182 — the survivors’ story

(Bside) Flight 182 is a first-person account of the Air India conspiracy and its tragic aftermath, as told by those directly involved. 182 is also the opening feature at the Hotdocs festival opening in Toronto this week.