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Extremely tasty and incredibly close

(New Yorker) Jonathan Safran Foer went veg ‘to get closer to the breasts’ of activists... We eat fish sliced in the face, electrocuted pigs and chickens and cows with bolts shot into their heads. Args for meat are bogus. We like to eat it and rationalize it.

Oh, for a book to ban

(Open) Journie longs for provocative, gonzo novel, not ‘effete’ books by ‘Bengalis and Malayalis living in south Delhi or south Mumbai writing for each other.’ Chandrahas smacks back, see comments.

Amitava on ‘Tiger, ‘Animal’s,’ ‘Mangoes’

(Bostonreview) Amitava Kumar: I envy Adiga’s claiming authenticity when he is himself in the news: he has access to the real India, he is standing in long lines, he is afraid of drinking dirty water. I could write a novel about this.

‘White Tiger’ is too well-written

(Guardian) The writing may seethe with anger, but it is clear and precise. The reminders of his lack of education and supposed naivete draw attention to the sophistication of the writing, which never happened in ‘Animal’s People.’

Not to the death — to the pain

(Guardian) Indra Sinha, author of ‘Animal’s People’ about Bhopal, has begun a hunger strike backing disaster survivors who walked Bhopal to Delhi but have yet to meet with the PM. The novel has a parallel scene. [via]

The Khaufpur Gazette

(Khaufpur) Site for the fictional city of Khaufpur, featured in Indra Sinha’s ‘Animal’s People.’ News page has characters from the book, ‘a filthy and vile poison, full of bad language and sexy frolics.’ Rest of site is highly random. (thanks, anonandon)

Sinha, Anam win regional Commonwealth prizes

(Guardian) ‘Animal’s People’ by Indra Sinha won the Commonwealth Prize for Europe and Asia. Best First Book in the regions went to ‘A Golden Age’ by Tahmima Anam.