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The trouble with Anita

(WSJ) Anita Jain tells a would-be lover that she longs to stop being a courtesan. The qualities of a fine memoirist — self-deprecating wit, searing honesty — are at odds with the self-deception required to have both torrid affairs and a stable marriage.

‘Marrying Anita’ coverage exoticizes

(Tomehome) Excerpts like Anita Jain breaking her arm and her mom being worried she’d never marry, dominate the NPR interview. People are reassured their stereotypes of India are true and their worldview needs no adjusting.

Jezebel on ‘Marrying Anita: A Quest For Love In The New India’

(Jezebel) I don’t know about the other single gals out there, but I applaud Ms. Jain’s conviction... Guys who move halfway around the world for a woman are romantic, but some would probably brand Ms. Jain desperate. [Here’s the Salon excerpt:] [via]
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Nirpal reviews ‘Marrying Anita’

(Thisislondon) An oxymoron: a meaningful work of chick lit. Her dad falls Rs. 300 short for immigration, but then Nixon devalues the dollar on the eve of his departure. Lives in the 3rd world are exposed the everyday flow of history.

‘Marrying Anita’

(Guardian) In NYC women threw men up against their bedroom walls hoping one would stick. Williamsburg hipsters cobbled together an existence from blogs and experimental music. So I moved to Delhi to find a husband... Vijay told me it was grade-A Manali hash.