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Namaste Toronto

(TO Star) Kids as young as 19 coerced into marriage. Some escape. Others dont. Community aid clinics set up in Brampton and London to help kids escape the pind. Recent attention due to 19 yr old who asked the canadian consulate to help her out of india.

The arranged marriage defense

(Desiranter) I’ve nothing against arranged marriages. It is the laborious apologia that bugs me.
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Arranged yadda yadda

(WaPo Yet another arranged marriage story) ‘One fine morning I went to work and I saw an e-mail,’ recalls Kivneet Kaur, who worked for Citibank near Delhi. ‘I was like, Um, okay.’
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Maharashtrian macking

(WSJ) At the Maharashtrian convention in Philly, one guy invited girls to a party in his pants while another gave out handmade coupons for a drink with him afterward.

Wah, ‘Vivah’

(WaPo Jun) An Indian arranged marriage show displays Dalal wearing her 737 pilot’s uniform and attending salsa classes.
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Foodie date

(Tiltedpan) He took me to dinner at Kobe in Bombay. I didn’t eat anything because all of it, the food — steaming, mountainous; the boy — cute, intelligent; the circumstance — set up by parents while I was seeing someone else, killed my appetite.
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Indian men in U.S. strike out back home

(WSJ) Many Indian parents now are balking at sending their daughters to the U.S. to marry. Marwaha works for a startup Net phone company in S.F. And because the U.S. economy is wobbly, that’s a problem.
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Swedish amour moves faster than arranged marriage

(Torrentfreak) In story about Swedish file sharing trial: ‘We have been married for 38 years. He proposed half an hour after we met and I said maybe. After a day, he had convinced me.’
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Arranged marriage, the show (again)

(Yahoo) The CBS show ‘Arranged Marriage’ introduces 4 people aged 25-45. Their friends and family select a spouse for them, and the newly paired couple exchange marital vows. (ht: CP)
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In Mexico, bride price, not dowry

(HoustonChron) A Mex-Am man allegedly sold his 14-yr-old daughter in an arranged marriage to an 18-yr-old neighbor in exchange for $16K, 150 cases of beer, 150 cases of soda, several cases of meat and 2 cases of wine. Claims it’s common in Oaxaca.
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West no longer best

(ToL) Amid the global economic meltdown and India’s rise, the idea of marrying male NRIs has become less attractive.
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The real outsourcing downturn

(NYT) ‘Because there are no job guarantees for IT, brides’ families have not been accepting grooms from this background.’

Gorilla on matrimonial sites

(NYT) India’s only gorilla is lonely. The 36-year-old silverback gorilla is still single after a fruitless eight-year search. Polo is good-natured and responds to commands in both Kannada and English.

Evade marriage, become a saint

(Telegraph Photo) Indian Christians met the Pope at the Vatican. He beatified Sister Alphonsa, who stepped into a fire to disfigure her feet so that her aunt would stop pressuring her to marry.

‘Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears’

(Docnz ‘06) Doc about two Bangla Londoners who’ve agreed to arranged marriages. Sahanara, quick-witted and coarse-mannered, swaps her pink hot pants for a sari as she goes off to the airport to meet her new Bangladeshi husband. This doesn’t last long.

The marriage directory is real

(Kadia) Indian-American caste organization tries to marry off kids within the caste.

Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears

(Veoh) Two sisters living in England whose family have raised them in the traditions of their native Bangladesh have very different perspectives on the issue of arranged marriage in this documentary from filmmaker Simon Chambers. [via]

The Point of weddings

(Spiegel) A matrimonial website has sold 130 physical franchises across India called Shaadi Points, aimed at parents and family matchmakers who are not tech-savvy. (thanks, Dad)
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Do you take this stranger?

(LAT) Yet another arranged marriage story (ht: CP).
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‘Marrying Anita’

(Guardian) In NYC women threw men up against their bedroom walls hoping one would stick. Williamsburg hipsters cobbled together an existence from blogs and experimental music. So I moved to Delhi to find a husband... Vijay told me it was grade-A Manali hash.

Snap decision

(CNN) When Sabiha Ansari wanted to marry, her parents flew her to India. She met her husband-to-be for less than 20 minutes, said yes and wed 5 days later. That was in ’91. (ht: chickpea)
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The watchman knows everything

(WaPo) When the auntie background check fails, Indians hire arranged marriage detectives. -The drivers, the cooks and the housekeepers will tell you everything. -Women can really get an in with the maids and are smarter about body language.
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