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(Abdusalaam) blogger (sort of) comes around on the gandhi scion.
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Irony and the 4th Gen Dynast

(HT) Once politics becomes a family business, peasants choose between various feudal aristocrats. One of the great ironies of Indian politics is that a dynast, Rahul Gandhi, is doing more than anyone else to democratize the Congress. (Vir Sanghvi column)

When Rahul met Prabhakaran

(TO Globe) two countries on opposite ends of the Adam’s bridge take divergent paths last veek. Fascinating factoid on Rajeev Gandhi’s meeting with Prabhakaran and the role Rahul G played in it.

Sam Pitroda on ‘The Rahul Gandhi I Know’

(Rediff) Q: Does he have a temper? A: I have not seen his temper at all. Q: Is he a connoisseur of fine wines? A: No, no. He doesn’t drink wine at all. No wine, no beer, nothing. He’s a teetotaller. (Also: nice pics, including of Priyanka). [via]

Indian cabinet position a mere sinecure

(WSJ) Manmohan Singh invited Rahul Gandhi to join the cabinet with little basis other than surname.

Rahul Gandhi an indifferent student

(Wiki) Rahul Gandhi’s education is almost as checkered as Sarah Palin’s. Got into Delhi U on pistol shooting, not grades. Dropped out, got a degree from small Fla. college, bought way into Cambridge.

Resounding victory means more reform

(WSJ) Congress’ election victory without leftists means more financial reform. Manmohan Singh could step aside early for Rahul Gandhi [sickening].

Congress prince goes incognito

(Google) Rahul Gandhi never completed Harvard, finished up at a small Fla. college and started an outsourcing company. One night he sneaked away from his escorts to share a meal with a group of farmers in Naxalite land. His bubble was frantic.
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Prince Harry joins army, Rahul takes road trip

(WaPo) Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Discover of India’ tour: ‘He needs to be a brand. He walks around the villages, talks to the poorest, eats with them. He is creating a visual sense of leadership.’ Why it’s almost as if politics are more about image than substance.

Sonia Gandhi endures

(Economist) Sonia Gandhi’s done all right in her decade in politics, but why force Rahul, yet another Gandhi? The kindest view is that other Indian parties are just as nepotistic.