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Sonia back in the day

(Static Pic) Young couple Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, nee Edvige Antonia Albina Maino.

Maoists threaten to kill Indian leaders

(WaPo) Maoists threaten to kill Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi. They extort millions from biz and used to get help from the LTTE.

Gandhis face Tiger threat (again)

(AFP) Indian threat alert: Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi could be attacked by Tamil Tigers in retaliation for not pressuring Sri Lanka to stop LTTE fight.

Clean power, dirty deal

(WaPo) To pass the nuclear deal, Sonia Gandhi got the vote of a former minister serving life for murder, and allegedly promised his son a cushy posting as deputy CM in Jharkhand.

Sonia Gandhi endures

(Economist) Sonia Gandhi’s done all right in her decade in politics, but why force Rahul, yet another Gandhi? The kindest view is that other Indian parties are just as nepotistic.